Our mission is to help others find Hope & Healing — hope for their tomorrow, and healing from their yesterday, all found in a relationship with Jesus Christ. We do this by providing opportunities for others to know God, find freedom, discover purpose, and make a difference. Fellowship Church is looking for ministry-focused, Christ-centered individuals to help further that mission.

Facilities Maintenance

Job Title: Facilities Maintenance

Hours: Full-time (40 hours)

I. Purpose of the Job:

• To manage and direct all maintenance required at each Fellowship Church building/campus; to work as the Maintenance Coordinator to accomplish the goal of providing and maintaining an environment of excellence and promoting the utilization of the Facilities Department to accomplish the vision of Fellowship Church.

II. Classification and Expected Hours of Work:

  • Essential Personnel
  • Although the general schedule consists of a 40-hour work week, the nature of this role is critical for the daily operations of Fellowship Church. Therefore, there will be times the employee will be asked to work outside of their general schedule, shifts, and hours.
  • Position requires some overnight on-call duty and the ability to work during nonstandard hours when the need arises.

III. Experience and Knowledge Required:

  • Must have the ability and desire to be a leader
  • Have knowledge of construction and maintenance
  • Self-motivated
  • Ability to work without supervision
  • Must be able to set and achieve goals
  • Minor computer skills
  • Ability to follow detailed instructions and complete tasks
  • Ability to maintain good attitude in difficult situations
  • Must possess a willingness to continually learn
  • Must have a servant’s heart
  • Must be willing to adapt to last minute changes in regular schedule
  • Must be willing to work flexible hours
  • Must be willing to work with other departments

IV. Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

  • Work closely with Facilities Manager to help run all facets of Facilities
  • Meet weekly with Facilities Manager to make sure all items for upcoming week are covered (services, projects, outside vendor work, etc.), discuss upcoming events, projects, conferences, etc, and all work done in past few weeks
  • Maintain / Rust Prevention / Paint all exterior HVAC equipment
  • Maintain / Rust Prevention / Paint exterior Panels, Bollards, Hydrants, and Light Poles
  • Responsible for scheduling projects for the Craftsmanship Team
  • Work closely with Campus Coordinators to assess building needs and projects/maintenance to be done
  • Responds to all emergencies and makes assessment. Work closely with Facilities Manager to find a solution when necessary
  • Responsible for developing a routine maintenance program to be followed by Facilities Team for each campus
  • As much as possible, assume all responsibility for repair of all electrical and plumbing issues that come up. When an issue arises where we do not have skill/equipment to fix a problem, contact appropriate contractor to do so
  • Maintain electrical and plumbing supplies. All electrical and plumbing purchases to go through Facilities Manager to ensure quality, price, and continuity of replacement parts
  • Contact point for HVAC in situations where Campus Coordinator cannot handle problem
  • When asked to do a major project, will work out a materials cost and man hour plan, to be compared to bid placed by outside contractor
  • Maintain relationship with Production, Lighting, Audio, IT, etc. Work closely with other departments in planning and completing projects
  • Complete all work tickets assigned in a prompt manner
  • Responsible for making sure as best as possible everything is in working order for services, events, and conferences
  • Any and all other projects as assigned by the Facilities Manager
  • Weekly Responsibilities
  1. Attend weekly staff meetings
  2. Respond to emails, phone calls, and texts in a timely manner
  3. Work with Facilities Department to ensure facility is prepared for upcoming services and events

V. Examples of Areas of Responsibility:


  • Plan beforehand and coordinate during event with Events Team
  • Provide Electrical needs for outside Vendors, as determined beforehand
  • Provide Electrical needs for Fellowship Church Departments, as determined beforehand
  • Available to respond to emergencies and events’ unexpected needs

General Maintenance:

  • Construction
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Landscaping
  • Maintain all Fellowship Church vehicles


  • Ensure building is 100% ready
  • Set HVAC temperatures
  • Always on call to serve/react to emergencies
  • After services, make sure buildings are locked and secure

VI. Competencies:

  • Love for God
  • Love for People
  • Problem Solving/Analysis/Conflict Resolution
  • Project Management/Organization
  • Work Ethic that is excellent, protective, and frugal with time and money
  • Team Building and leadership
  • Positive attitude, heart of a servant, and loyal
  • Must share the mission of Fellowship Church for Hope & Healing for all through a relationship with Jesus Christ

VII. Work Environment:

• Work is regularly performed in a combination of office building and grounds environments and is regularly exposed to dust, odors, oil, fumes, noise, and changing weather conditions.

VIII. Physical Demands

• Must be willing and able to lift 100 lbs.

IX. Extent of Public Contact:

  • Vendors, contractors, and business representatives
  • Fellowship Church Pastors and Staff Members, and Dream Team
  • Members/attendees/visitors of Fellowship Church

How to Apply
To apply, email resume to hr@thefellowshipchurch.com.